A bit of chimney repair on a lovely old stone house. We were lucky to be able to re-use most of the stone, and also do a lot of pointing. It is hard to get a good match for this stone nowadays.


This cottage originally had a field stone fireplace with a heatilator style metal firebox.

Unfortunately there had been a lot of leaking, and the metal firebox had extensive rust damage. The field stone was removed in order to install an efficient wood burning fireplace, and the chimney was made higher to create a better draft. The fireplace and chimney were then finished in cultured stone.


This was an old inefficient fireplace that at one point had the chimney extended when an addition was added on to the house. When extending the chimney higher, the builders had mixed two styles of chimney, definitely a NO NO!!

We tore the old system right out and installed this nice little "Bis Ultima", finished around it with cultured brick, a new mantle, and extended tile hearth. Now these customers have a fireplace that heats efficiently, and is to code.

And by the way, the bad "two style" old chimney install was caught when we arrived to do a chimney sweep. You never know what you are going to find!!

Here we have new construction.

By using cultured stone no extra support was needed under the wall or the fireplace. Although this was planned with the house, the fireplace could be put in as an afterthought without having to worry about a foundation.

This fireplace will heat up to 2500 square feet. When installation is being planned, is is important to carefully consider the size of the fireplace, because it is best to burn a high efficiency fireplace hot, in other words use it to its full potential. When the fire is hot, secondary combustion occurs at the top of the firebox, and this greatly reduces particulate matter in the smoke.

Cultured stone on the front of this house makes a good match with other materials.

There is a beautiful masonry heater built in the center of the house. We did not do that install, but masonry heaters are the very best in clean and efficient wood heating. There is nothing new in the technology, in fact they have been around for hundreds of years. One does need to plan ahead though, since they rely on a mass of masonry, so need proper footings, and the location in the house is important.

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